Private Financial, Inc.

is an equity-based lender

Specializing in arranging loans for property owners, buyers, entrepreneurs, and investors



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We approve Loan Applications based on the property’s equity and the Borrower’s ability to repay the loan.


Private money is the best solution for Borrowers who prefer not to or cannot meet all the numerous requirements of institutional lenders. It provides fast financing solutions for Borrowers / Investors who have financial challenges and need fast, creative financing solutions.

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Investing in Trust Deeds is a secured investment that earns a solid, consistent above-market return. Your investment is secured by prime California real estate secured by a Promissory Note and recorded Trust Deed for the preservation of an investor’s capital.

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Based in Los Angeles, Private Financial, Inc. is an equity-based lender that specializes in arranging loans with borrowers who, for the most part, are property owners, buyers or entrepreneurs with substantial cash equity in the property, and we also specialize in offering investors above-market returns and a source of consistent residual income.

Private Financial, Inc. is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate and the Federal Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry. We are proud to be a member of the California Mortgage Association (CMA), which is our industry trade organization that provides continuing education and training to its members and promotes responsible lending.

Broker / Owner

Jeralyn Sommers is President of Private Financial, Inc. She is a licensed real estate broker and maintains an NMLS MLO endorsement. Since 1989 she has consistently been involved in the conventional / private lending field both professionally and as a private investor and as a private real estate investor and manager…

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What our clients are saying

We have been buying and selling real estate for the past 20 years. Our experience with Private Financial, Inc. and Jeralyn Sommers was absolutely amazing. Private Financial, Inc. was extremely professional, detailed oriented and provided excellent support. Private Financial genuinely cares about their clients. I would highly recommend them for all of your real estate needs.
I thank you, Ms. Sommers, for all you support and help.
D.L. Hooper Investments, Riverside, CA.
As an investor, I must say I am so impressed with Jeralyn. She is such an intelligent, honest, hard-working woman! I’ve been lending on properties for over 10 years with various companies, and I can honestly say she is the most competent, exacting person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Lending with Jeralyn, you can rest assured she follows the letter of the law, and makes sure that both the borrower and lender are very well taken care of.
Wendy O’Brien, CFP®, EA/Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Jeralyn has been such a pleasure to work with!! I had a deal I was very worried about closing. It was a short sale commercial property in a rural area (Lucerne Valley, CA) We received a short sale approval quickly from the bank and the buyer was unable to secure financing for this. I was introduced to Jeralyn by another lender / colleague of mine I've used in the past . Jeralyn came through and met us at the property to take a look. It took her about 2 1/2 hours to get there, but that was no problem for Jeralyn. We only had 3 weeks to close, and she came through for the buyer!! I would highly recommend Jeralyn Sommers in her ability and knowledge of the workings of a real estate transaction and loan. The short notice and time was no problem for her. She got the job done!! I'm happy to know her as well and she is someone who I would call a friend and has such a welcoming spirit. Thank you, Jeralyn I wish you all the best in the future!! I would definitely use her services again
Katherine Santifer, Victorville/Hesperia, CA.
Jeralyn Sommers provided the financing for two "flippers" that my wife and I were in the middle of completing. She was delightful to work with and we found her very knowledgeable. What set her apart from other loan brokers that we have dealt with was that we felt she genuinely was concerned about what was best for us. From now on she is the only person we will go to for the financing of our future "flippers".
Yousef Abdelrahman and Laura Abdlurahman, Madera, California
I have had the privilege of knowing Jeralyn Sommers for over ten years. During that time, she has helped me get five different loans. I cannot
speak highly enough of her hard work and dedication and professionalism that I have experienced when working with her. She always goes that extra step for her clients and offers to help in whatever way is needed. I not only have a working relationship with Ms. Sommers, but feel I have made a great friend. Ms. Sommers is trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and works tirelessly to get her clients the best deals. I strongly recommend Jeralyn Sommers as a principled and invaluable businessperson - you will not regret working with her!!!!!!
Peter S., La Canada, CA
As a land owner in Santa Barbara, CA., there came a time to get an equity loan to make improvements. However, with 30 years of business experience, I am considered to be very particular about the quality and efficiency in the business world. An associate recommended Jeralyn Sommers of Private Financial, Inc., and within a few days, I was in that comfort zone moving forward with plans. Jeralyn offers the utmost level of professionalism with ease and decorum like none other. She helped me to understand my options and expedited the loan so quickly that before we finished, I was recommending Private Financial, Inc. to all of my associates. If you want fast, first-class service, I highly recommend Jeralyn Sommers.
K.S. - Santa Barbara, CA