Recent Funding in malibu
A Private Financial recent funding in Malibu with ocean views and fully permitted for building.  Loan Amount $120,000 (more…) Read more »
Trust Deeds to Diversify Your Portfolio
Do you ever ask yourself, how can I diversify my investments so that they are safe, secure and still have an above average rate of return?  It may be time to consider Trust Deeds as a way to diversify your investment portfolio.   (more…) Read more »
Tips for Getting a private hard money loan
Although getting approved for a hard money loan is easier than getting approved for a traditional bank loan, many hard money loans are turned down.  Here are 8 tips for getting a private hard money loan. (more…) Read more »
Recent Funding of Private Loan
Recent Funding for a $410,000 private equity loan in Southern California.  A winery and tasting room on a well maintained property.  (more…) Read more »
Hard money lending doesn't have to be hard............ ......IN FACT, IT’S NOT! Many of the hassles, delays, strict underwriting guidelines, red tape and numerous items requested by traditional banks are eliminated with a hard money loan.  Since hard money loans are funded by private individuals or companies like Private Financial, Inc, using their own money, they have far less regulations to contend with.  Hard money loans are an alternative to the strict and narrow traditional bank (conventional or institutional) financing.… Read more »
Equity, Equity, Equity Oh so important, when investing in trust deeds! Looking back at the different cycles throughout the years of the California real estate market, sometimes it shoots up faster than a speeding bullet.  Other times, it plummets before we realize what is happening.  Knowing that trust deed investing is based on a real estate market that’s beyond our control, people often wonder if trust deeds are even a good investment. While risk is inherent with any investment, my… Read more »